The Vets

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Dane lady joke

There’s a woman sitting in the vets with her small dog. A young girl, with a great Dane comes in and sits beside her. As they are waiting they strike up a conversation:

The young girl says. “What’s he in for?” pointing to the dog.

The older women looks around and makes sure no one else can hear. She says. “Well actually, it’s a bit embarrassing. You see every time I bend down, he tries to mount me. So we’re here to have him neutered. She then turns to the young girl and said. “So what’s he in for?” Pointing to her dog.

The young girl says. “Actually he’s got the same problem as yours.”

The older women says. “So have you brought him in to be neutered too?”

“Good God no.” Says the young girl. “I just want his toenails clipped.”